A Film A Year – 20th Century Captured in Feature Films (1900-2010)


If there's one thing cinema has always been able to do it's transport us to another place and time. The past, the future, an alternate version of the present, there's nothing like time travel via celluloid. 
Cinema has covered a lot of ground in the last century, and a lot has been covered in the last century's worth of cinema. Starting at 1900 and making his way through to 2010, Victor van Werkhooven pieced together film after film that takes place in and gives a representation of each and every year along the timeline.
Starting with the 2001 film Moulin Rouge showcasing the year 1900 straight to 2013 The Fifth Estate taking place in the year 2010, skip through time and take a glimpse at history as told through the magic of filmmaking.

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