Year in Review: The 5 Best Movies of 2016 [Sam Kench]

Best Movies of 2016 - Top 5
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Everything about this film is impressive right down to the resemblance of the 3 brilliant actors who each take on the task of playing the lead character at different stages in his life. A masterfully made film that truly has something to say.

Nocturnal Animals 2016 Best Movies

An intricately woven narrative balances the past and present as well as a cinematically represented literary work in a three narrative harmony that is never distracting or gimmicky. The actors all give outstanding performances and Tom Ford cements himself as one of the best working directors in my eyes.

Sing Street 2016 Best Movies List

A wonderful coming of age tale with excellent characters and even better music, including a number of original songs that are constantly getting stuck in my head.

La La Land 2016 Best Movies List

An old Hollywood musical with a gorgeous visual style, good music, great choreography, and fantastic lead performances.

Everybody Wants Some 2016 Best Movies List

Richard Linklater’s latest is a deceptively simple film. On the surface, it is fun hangout comedy, but the subtext offers something more transformative and ever life affirming. The film is set in 1980, not “the 80’s”, a transitory time between the 70’s and 80’s and is filled with characters who are in a time of transition themselves, the transition into adulthood and the rest of their lives where they learn that the world beyond what they knew as highschoolers doesn’t think as much of them as they do.

Honorable Mentions:

Fences & Arrival

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