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Olivia Morales

American Animals 2018 Spoiler Free Movie Review

American Animals

American Animals  follows the true story of four college-aged friends who, in an attempt to inject excitement and purpose into their small-town lives, plan... READ MORE
Disobedience 2018 Spoiler Free Movie Review


Disobedience  tells the tale of Ronit Krushka (Rachel Weisz) who returns to her childhood home upon hearing about the death of her estranged father. She returns to the Orthodox Jewish community which has shunned her for her sexual relationship w... READ MORE
Swinging Safari 2018 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Swinging Safari

Swinging Safari is an Australian dramedy filled with mounds of potential, however, it stumbles over itself in an attempt to live up to the iconic Aussie dramed... READ MORE
Olivia Morales

Olivia Morales

Contributing Writer

I am a 19-year old film and journalism student at the University of New South Wales with a love for all things kitschy, campy and colourful. Thanks to excellent parenting, I first discovered my inner cinephile when I got my seven-year-old hands on a copy of A Clockwork Orange, I've never looked back since.