Image of Elizabeth Moss in The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man is a modern retelling of the classic novel written by H. G. Wells. It’s also the latest feature from Leigh Whannell after directing the insanely entertaining flick Upgrade. It revolves around Elisabeth Moss as our main protagonist Cecilia who has been in an abusive relationship with a rich businessman named Adrian Griffin. After he seemingly commits suicide and leaves his ex-wife with lots of money, she’ll do whatever it takes to prove he has faked his own death, while also dealing with the fact that she’s being haunted by someone she can not see with her own eyes.

Moss steals the show! Moss has always been recognized as one of the most talented actresses, especially if you have seen her in The Handmaid's Tale. However, her performance in The Invisible Man will be the one that fans will remember the most. She’s absolutely incredible in the lead role because you connect with her on an emotional level. You feel bad for her whenever she’s going through so much pain, and it’s undeniably really sad to watch sometimes. Her relationship with the supporting characters played by Aldis Hodge and Harriet Dye is also quite compelling because they both care deeply about her and add a lot to her emotional story.

Shhh! Leigh Whannell continues to impress moviegoers as an extremely talented filmmaker who knows how to make his features both thrilling and thought-provoking. The Invisible Man feels more like an intriguing psychological thriller than a generic horror flick that you have seen plenty of times before. There’s just something creepy about someone you can’t even see in front of you. It's filled with tension from start to finish thanks to Whannell’s brilliant direction and Stefan Duscio’s skillful cinematography. The movie knows when it needs to be intense, and it does it so well that it adds a lot of suspense for the audience to be immersed in!

“I'm not crazy!” Whannell’s screenplay is also really astonishing with some clever dialogue and intense storytelling. He manages to successfully update H. G. Wells’ novel for the 21st century by focusing on a relevant and smart narrative about what it truly feels like to be in an abusive relationship. While the story is incredibly enthralling and well-written for the most part, it does have some plot holes that don’t really make sense. However, it’s a minor nitpick that you can easily forgive.

The Invisible Man is a highly suspenseful thriller that will get you on the edge of your seat! It’s also proof that a reboot can be competently made when the right filmmaker is attached to the project.

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