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Genre of the Dead: When Zombies Infected Popular Culture [Infographic]

Whether you like it or not, zombies are here to stay. From their humble beginnings in the fifties to their nearly ubiquitous presence now, they have been dominating both the big and small screens for decades.There is something about the reanimated death that scares and excites us. The fantasy of living without rules and surviving against the mindless hordes excites us while the fear of losing those we love and watching them rise to kill us scare us. It’s a powerful cocktail of emotions and it’s been keeping us coming back for more and more.

While we may remember the big names of the genre, the infographic below runs through some of the smaller successes (and failures) of the genre, handily in chronological order. From Shaun Of The Dead to I Am Legend to Night Of The Living Dead, the infographic chronicles the history of zombies and may give you a couple of films to add to your viewing lists.