Year in Review: The 5 Best Movie Characters of 2016 [Taylor Ryan]

Best Movies of 2016 - Top 5

[Slight spoilers]

Despite the usual sequels/reboots and underwhelming messes with ensemble casts (I’m looking at you Collateral Beauty), 2016 was a year that took chances - I mean, we literally got a film about a farting corpse and it was phenomenal. Along with the unique stories we got to see throughout the year, we got to meet some pretty interesting characters along the way.

The Neon Demon 2016 Elle Fanning

Ruby establishes herself earlier on as our protagonist’s protector and ally, but as the movie progresses from “Neon” to “Demon”, we realize that Ruby is actually a master manipulator and the true villain of the film. Jena Malone knocks this role out of the park.

Glen Powell as Finn in Everybody Wants Some!!

Glen Howell Finn Everybody Wants Some - Finn

Glen Powell’s character Finn is easily one of the most memorable of 2016. Finn exudes charisma and buoyancy, never teetering into straight douche territory. He is without a doubt the team’s backbone and genuinely makes us (and rookie pitcher Jake) feel like we’re part of the team.


Best Movie Characters he Edge of Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld is the unapologetically insufferable Nadine, a 17 year old who discovers her best friend is dating her older brother. She is flawed and damaged and angsty, and despite being incredibly self-destructing and at times unbearable to watch, I understood her and I felt for her. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for Hailee Steinfeld.

Brian 'Sene' Marc as Blue
in White Girl

Brian 'Sene' Marc in White Girl

Brian “Sene” Marc’s character Blue is the sweetest boy in all five boroughs. Introduced as the quiet, latin drug dealer on the block, Blue soon becomes tangled in our titular character’s (Leah) cocaine infused web. Their characters are perfect foils and their juxtapositioned socioeconomic/racial backgrounds make their relationship intriguing. In the end, Blue is just a hollow entry of a drug addict’s diary, but he deserved so much more. #FreeBlue

Janelle Monáe as Teresa
in Moonlight

PUT JANELLE MONAE IN MORE FILMS. In Moonlight, she plays the soft-spoken Teresa, a maternal surrogate for our protagonist Chiron. She assumes a role she didn’t ask for, even long after her partner (Mahershala Ali) dies. She never passes judgment on Chiron, or his mother, and I wish we got to see more of her. Despite only being sprinkled throughout the first two acts, Teresa stays with us long after the film’s end.


Honorable Mentions:

John Legend as Keith in La La Land

Paul Dano as Hank Thompson in Swiss Army Man