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Taylor Ryan

Chance the Rapper Austin Vesely Slice Interview

Slice – Interview with Director Austin Vesely

On Halloween, Writer/Director Austin Vesely released a short teaser to his feature debut Slice. The film will be produced and distributed by A24 and is set to release sometime in 2017. Chicago native Chance the Rapper will star as the leading man, Da... READ MORE
the late bloomer 2016 spoiler free movie review

The Late Bloomer [2016]

The Late Bloomer is the narrative debut for director Kevin Pollak. The story follows Peter Newmans, a sex therapist who goes through puberty at an accelerated ... READ MORE
charles barker

The Call Up – Q&A with Director Charles Barker

The Call Up is the first feature film of writer-director Charles Barker and it’s a pretty great debut if you ask me. The film is a low-budget, sci-fi/thriller that follows a group of gamers trapped in a virtual reality where they must beat the game i... READ MORE

Pushing Dead – Q&A with Director Tom E. Brown

After directing several critically acclaimed shorts, writer-director Tom E. Brown is hitting the scene with his first feature length film “Pushing Dead”. The film is about a struggling, HIV-positive writer (James Roday) who gets booted from his insur... READ MORE

Dirty Beautiful [2015]

Dirty Beautiful  is writer/director Tim Bartell’s first feature film. The film tells the story of David, an aspiring writer, as he attempts to make an honest girlfriend of Kat, a homeless prostitute. This clearly sounds like a disaster and the film p... READ MORE
Taylor Ryan

Taylor Ryan

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