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Taylor Ryan

Rupture 2016 Spoiler Free Movie Review

Rupture [2016]

Rupture : Director Steven Shainberg makes his debut after a ten-year hiatus with his latest film, Rupture. Not only did he direct the film, but also penned the script with writer Brian Nelson (Hard Candy). Rupture is a sci-fi thriller that stars... READ MORE
SiREN Gregg Bishop Interview

SiREN – Q&A with Director Gregg Bishop

SiREN is the latest creature feature of director/editor Gregg Bishop. The film is an expansion of the segment “Amateur Night” from 2012’s V/H/S, which was arguably the best short of the anthology series. SiREN ditches the found footage for a more tra... READ MORE
the late bloomer 2016 spoiler free movie review

The Late Bloomer [2016]

The Late Bloomer is the narrative debut for director Kevin Pollak. The story follows Peter Newmans, a sex therapist who goes through puberty at an accelerated ... READ MORE

Dirty Beautiful [2015]

Dirty Beautiful  is writer/director Tim Bartell’s first feature film. The film tells the story of David, an aspiring writer, as he attempts to make an honest gi... READ MORE
Taylor Ryan

Taylor Ryan

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